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From Tom Gill, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Seon Design Inc
I have known David Black for over 15 years and have worked with him at four (4) different companies, specifically as the Principal Engineer at Silent Witness Enterprises and Honeywell Video Systems, at Signalink as a Consultant Engineer, and most recently, as Director of Technology for Seon Design Inc.
In the years that I have worked with David, at all times I have found him to be trustworthy, dependable, hard-working, and conscientious. He has been consulting in the field of technology development for 30 years, and holds vast understanding in business development and strategic marketing. David thinks outside of the box for solutions and is highly innovative because of this.
David thrives in technology, and recognizes business issues and the importance of time to market (TTM). From start to finish, he is accomplished in taking on the development from the visionary and strategic perspective through architecture, design, implementation, and rollout. His wide breadth of knowledge in engineering ranges from, but is not limited to, the fields of software and electronics, to firmware and mechanical. David distinctively combines his knowledge in strategic marketing, business development, technological expansion, and engineering; because of this, David is uniquely positioned to make a connection between customers, the engineering sector, and executive management. He is therefore successful at engaging customers in all aspects: for requirements, sales support, or problem solving and analysis.
David would be a remarkable asset at any company and has my uppermost recommendation. I am pleased to provide further information if required.
From Chris Akiyama, VP of Sales, Seon Design Inc
I have had the opportunity to work with David on a number of projects spanning the past 12 years. Projects have included product development from concept to production in addition to maintenance of line and product issue resolution.
David is a proven professional that has demonstrated time and again, the ability to merge innovation with practical implementation in order to achieve exceptional results. David's experience and knowledge base spans many disciplines and his creativity in analyzing and resolving issues is an asset in any organization.
One of David's key strengths is his ability to work with and listen to clients and prospects in order to conceptualize solutions based around their needs and organizational workflow.
It has been a real pleasure working with David throughout the years and I would highly recommend him to any organization. March 2, 2012
From Robert Proffitt, Senior Electronics Designer, Silent Witness Enterprises
David is one of my most trusted friends. With a keen eye to building systems and scouting out solutions, David is at his best when he is creating the next big thing. If you need a navigator, put David at the helm to find a way home. January 20, 2012
From Mike Vader, Business Solutions Consultant, Phoenix Systems
During the time I worked with Dave, he proved to be passionate engineer - dedicated to completing projects that would impress clients and meet internal targets. As an engineer, Dave had a mix of vision and talent that was hard to come by. I am confident Dave will be a valuable addition for any company he choose to work with.
From Gino Martin, Service Manager, Silent Witness Enterprises & Seon Design Inc
David and I have worked on different projects through the 7 plus years we know each other, he always demostrated a positive approach to problem solving and product development. He knows how to present ideas in exciting ways, and work hard to deliver.
From Christine Pires, RF Engineer, BC Ambulance Service
I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work for David Black at both Signalink Technologies most recently at Seon Design. David demonstrates his extensive expertise in engineering and product development processes as well as dedication to his work in the security industry. He is a capable, take-charge leader whose communication skills and hands on approach make him a pleasure to work for. David is self-motivated, methodical and possesses a unique combination of solid tech skills, intuitive business sense and vision. The result is his consistent ability to present creative solutions to the most challenging of problems. He is an organized leader with the ability to clearly communicate ideas positively to all members and personalities of involved teams resulting outstanding teamwork and measurable positive results. Always the consummate professional, David is a clear asset to each endeavor he chooses to apply his considerable skills to. I find him to be an motivational manager who leads by exceptional example. Ive learned a great deal from him and continue to hold him in the highest esteem.
From Anita Velez, MIS, IT Project Manager, PSL
Working closely with David through an offshore vendor-client relationship has been an impressive experience. David has the ability to take software projects and ensure those lead to success. His technical solid background, business skills and experience in the field have contributed to create a dynamic team under agile methodology where requirements and system architecture incrementally emerge. David has played a key role throughout the SDLC toward the success of the project where the business, timelines and best engineering practices have been accomplished. It has been a very valuable and enjoyable learning experience for me as a PM. David is extremely smart, it has been indeed very satisfactory to have the opportunity of working together and I look forward to continue working with him.